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Oklahoma Online Camp Registration Links

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Oklahoma Camp Coordinators
Robert & Paula Shaw
Robert:  918.706.4664
Paula:  918.706.4660
Email:  robert.shaw@hacogop.org
Email:  paula.shaw@hacogop.org

Senior Camp Directors
Josue & Jackie Chavez
Josue: 405.626.4051
Jackie: 270.935.8077
Email:  josue.chavez@hacogop.org
Email:  jackie.chavez@hacogop.org

Intermediate Camp Directors
Rusty & Ginger Shaw
Rusty: 918.231.6781
Email:  rusty.shaw@hacogop.org
Email:  ginger.shaw@hacogop.org

Junior Camp Directors    
Matt & Chrishan Cooley
Matt:  580.310.5061
Chrishan:  580.235.6322
Email:  matt.cooley@hacogop.org
Email:  chrishan.cooley@hacogop.org

Family Camp Directors
Jadon & Victoria Cook

Fall Retreat Directors
Rusty & Ginger Shaw 
Rusty:  918.231.6781
Email:  rusty.shaw@hacogop.org
Email:  ginger.shaw@hacogop.org